Friday, September 7, 2007

It's a Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

What you'll find here:

  • Kid generated reviews of new and not so new books for kids and teens
  • Book suggestions from our well read and good looking staff of booksellers
  • Interviews with some of our favorite authors and illustrators
  • Answers to life's most pertinent questions, including:

Why should you read our blog?

Answer: Unless someone tells us differently, our blog is the only one of its kind, offered by a bookseller, that incorporates kids' reviews. These books are written for kids, after all- shouldn't they be reviewed by them?

And even if someone does tell us differently, we still think we will be the smackdown of book blogs for kids.

Prepare for liftoff.


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Woot! Woot!
Elizabeth O. Dulemba