Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Book Focus: Life As We Knew It

Life As We Knew It is the diary of Miranda, a teenager who writes of typical things: conflicts with her parents, struggles in school, and the changing dynamics of her friendships. But then an asteroid hits the moon and shifts it enough to change things like tides and weather, causing everything Miranda knows to transform. Her Pennsylvania town experiences food and gas shortages, extreme weather, and information blackout. Miranda and her family must struggle through it all to hold on to what's important.

This is how much I loved Life as We Knew It: as soon as I finished this book, I sent an email to the author, Susan Beth Pfeffer. I was in a feverish haze to talk to somebody, anybody about this book. It's that good. This book is so good, so emotionally lyrical, honest and immersive, I want to recommend it to everyone I meet. As soon as I finished it I wanted to run out into the streets and pull people aside and shove a copy into their hands.

This book is so gripping, every time you look up from its pages you will double-check your wood pile and water stores for the winter, and you will eat less while reading this book just to conserve food for Miranda and her family.

It's that consuming, I swear.

Oh, and the upshot of my email? I got a witty, warm, and generous response from Ms. Pfeffer. Want to check out how cool she is? Go check out her blog at (she’s currently running a series on writing, including theme and story so far. Next is an entry on characters!).

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