Monday, September 17, 2007

Series Focus: Percy Jackton and the Olympians

Thank the gods for Percy Jackston!

From Bridget, age 11

One book I loved was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. (And The Sea of Monsters and Titan's Curse, also by Rick Riordan). I think that it is cool because we were some of the first people to read the book and now it is world wide. I liked it because it wove Ancient Greek and the present together to make one amazing, action filled story. I also like it because it is about kids my age, so I can kind of relate to what they are going through. (Though I must admit, no matter how much I wish I was, I'm not a demi-god). I liked that we got to see Rick Riordan for ourselves. He was really nice and it is cool how it all started with bedtime stories. Now that I know him, I am re-reading the books with a whole different perspective.

This year in school I am studying Ancient Greek. Re-reading these books has helped alot with my study of Ancient Greek because all of the stories about the gods and monsters are true. It just goes to show you how much research goes into making a great book like this.

Some people have compared Rick Riordan's books to the Harry Potter series. I think that in some ways the two series are very much alike and in some ways they are so different it is like they came from different sides of the universe. I could give you a thousand reasons either way. I think it just depends on how you look at it.

Editor's Note: Rick Riordan has a fan base at Little Shop of Stories that borders on stalking. Our Kids and Companions Book Group read him for the first time last year, and since then, we can't keep his books stocked. Rick visited us this past Labor Day for the Decatur Book Festival and we learned that the Percy Jackson stories began at bedtime in the Riordan household. For more information about this great series, go to

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