Friday, October 26, 2007

Book Focus: The Gravity Keeper

Walker Downs, 7th Grader, writes:

Simon Bloom, The Gravity Keeper, by Michael Reisman, is about a twelve year old boy named Simon. Simon finds a supernatural physics book that allows him to do anything he wants with physics. But there is a twist: a woman with many more powers wants the book so she can have the power.

This book is interesting because it has a narrator and near the end Simon discovers the narrator's office. This book was impossible to put down. Anyone from 10 to 14 that likes SciFi would love Simon Bloom, The Gravity Keeper. Overall it was a very good book.

Editor's Note: Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper is not due out until next year! So why post a review now? And how did Mister Downs get his hands on this book? Does he, like Simon Bloom, have powers to defy space and time? Although that would be really, really cool, Walker has not seen into the future. We gave Walker an "Advanced Reader's Copy" (often referred to as an ARC) so he could give us this review!

So, if you would like to read a FREE book and have your stunning review published here just like Walker Downs, stop by and ask for one of our advanced copies. But remember: you gotta write a review!

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