Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh.My.Gosh, Or Isn't It Great To Be a Girl?

It's here! It's really here! The Daring Book for Girls, sister of sorts to this year's widely successful Dangerous Book for Boys, arrived yesterday and it's smart, feisty, sparkly, brave, and thoughtful- just like your Favorite Girl.

Inside you'll find Best Practices in climbing, how to change a tire, make a friendship bracelet, sleepover a friend's house, fashion a seine net, go to Africa, tie a sari, play the stock market, perform math tricks that will dazzle your friends, jump double dutch, put your hair up with a pencil, create mayhem with vinegar and baking soda, care for your softball glove, and do a cartwheel. You'll also learn about great women leaders, scientists, explorers, and athletes, as well as how to make a lemon powered clock or read the periodic table of the elements.

If you have a Daring Girl in your life, or are in fact a Daring Girl yourself, this is the book for you (or her)! It's proof positive that girls really can do anything.

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