Friday, October 12, 2007

We Are Not Alone

We didn't get to be the cool, fun-to-hang-out-in bookstore that is Little Shop of Stories without help, and I'm not just talking about our great customers. We also have lots of friends who write and illustrate books, all of whom have given us fantastic support. And it's no surprise they're out here on the web.

So this post is a bit of a shout out, just a fat linky post of those folks who've shown us the love (and we'd like to show some back).

Holly Black-- Holly's website is stylish, has lots of info about the Spiderwick books and her YA books, and a link to her blog. When she came for the Decatur Book Festival last month, I got to interview her and she is a blast to talk to. Plus, a classy woman.

Elizabeth Dulemba-- Elizabeth is very local; we see her here in the store about once a week! And she's always turning us on to great new books. You can see what she's reading and talking about on her terrific blog, which you can access from her website. Plus, she has a weekly coloring page you can print from her blog AND images of books she's working on!

Alan Gratz-- Alan's first novel, Samurai Shortstop, is one of our favorites, especially Dave's, because Dave loves both historical fiction and baseball. Alan's new book, Something Rotten, comes out next week and is already on our You Must Read This list. If you like mysteries, you'll dig Something Rotten. And if you want to know more, keep checking here in the coming days because we'll have an interview with him soon!

Kimberly Willis Holt-- How cool is Kimberly Willis Holt? She sent us flowers after her signing (for her new book Piper Reed, Navy Brat) here a little over a week ago! And her website's just as neat, with lots of interactive elements, including an awesome page on writing.

Sam Riddleburger-- For me, Sam is the greatest thing about the Decatur Book Festival, or any big, group event with lots of authors. You go to meet and talk to your favorite authors, and you discover a fun, great guy like Sam and his really fun book The Qwik Pick Adventure Society. If you haven't read it yet, I have just two words for you: poop fountain. His website has lots of fun links and things to do.

Deborah Wiles-- Yay Deborah! Have you read Love, Ruby Lavender, or her latest, The Aurora County All-Stars? If so, then you know why we shout Yay--Deborah's one of our favorite writers and a local resident. Right now, she's winding up her tour, but you can keep in touch through her website and blog.

So give these writers some love and click on the links!

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