Friday, November 16, 2007

Children's Book Week: Day 5

Last day for Children's Book Week here -- *sniff* -- and we're doubling up on some yummy picture books. So far we've witheld the hyperbole, but there are some books you can only describe with words like "awesome-y awesome-ness," and "beauty-mous." These are two such books:

Toy Boat by Randall de Seve and Loren Long is great in the way that only picture books can be, funny and earnest at once: beauty-mous!

A boy makes a toy boat, and takes the toy boat wherever he goes, even to the bath with him, even to bed with him. When they visit the lake, the little toy boat wants to play out in the waves with the bigger boats, but the boy never lets go of the string that keeps his toy boat close.

Until one day, the boy lets go, and the toy boat gets to float free.

And I can't go on because it's too great. Loren Long (Mr. Peabody's Apples, The Little Engine that Could)'s sumptuous illustrations emphasize the power of the larger boats the toy boat dreams of joining, as well as the lush depth of the ocean, and, ultimately the warmth shared between the boy and his little boat. A great book for little boat-builders eager to sail off to their own horizons, and the moms and dads who want to keep them close to shore.

And now for the Awesome-y Awesome-ness:

Just so you know, the entire time you've been reading this entry, the squid in I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry has been saying it's bigger than that other book up in the corner. And this blog. And you! And the truth is, the giant squid IS bigger than anything else! HE IS THE BIGGEST THING IN THE OCEAN! Bigger than those shrimp! This clam! Even that shark!

Except, well, you and I both know there are some pretty ginormous things out there in the ocean besides squids.

See if this silly, brightly-colored, super-duper pre-school read-aloud knows that there are bigger things in the ocean, too. We guarantee this is a story that is no small peanuts!

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