Monday, November 12, 2007

Children's Book Week: Day 1

Welcome to Children's Book Week! Terra's going to start us off with one of her favorite books from this year, Home of the Brave, by Katherine Applegate. She writes:

I read Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate (yes, the Animorphs author!) while standing in a very long line, waiting to ship stuff from a convention in NY back here to the store. Boy was I glad the line was so long! This is a beautiful story (told in poems, not chapters) about a young African boy, Kek, who is new to America and trying to make sense of it all, including electricity, snow, and alienation.

I cannot stress how gorgeous, quiet, and penetrating the language is here--truly the prettiest book I've read all year, but also this is like What is the What for kids, a personal, honest (but not horrific) depiction of an all-too-sad reality in our world today.

Diane met Gretchen Hirsch, editorial assistant at Harcourt, last February at the Atlanta SCBWI conference. Gretchen talked about discovering her "first" author/illustrator, Jan Thomas, whose book What Will Fat Cat Sit On? was published earlier this year.

Gretchen's genuine enthusiasm for this book was contagious and without even seeing a finished copy of it, I ordered multiple copies for the store. We have been reordering it regularly ever since and it is a staple read at our Tuesday morning storytimes with Lynn.

What Will Fat
Cat Sit On? is a perfectly silly and irreverant picture book that begs to be read aloud at storytime, bedtime, or just about any other time. The illustrations are fantastic- simple, colorful, and engaging- the expressions of the animals as they worry about their fate are priceless. Thomas is definitely up and coming and her work is certainly reminiscent of this guy you might have heard a bit about- Mo Willems.

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Raz Godelnik said...

Happy Children’s Book Week!

One option to celebrate this week is with a green children’s book.

Eco-Libris blog brings a recommendation on The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (written by Stefani Newman of teensygreen). It’s a great conversation starter about nature, the seasons, and helps kids open their eyes to the world outside.

You are welcome to read it at:

Raz Godelnik