Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What We're Thankful For

This past summer, in the middle of the Decatur Book Festival, I got a call from my sister. We chatted a little, and when she found out that the one and only Judy Schachner was here, my sister told me of a fellow teacher who loves Skippy John Jones.

"You have to get a book signed for her, I'll even pay you extra."

I told her don't worry about it, and that I'd be happy to do it. Except I then forgot.

Flash forward to the last day of the festival, and the wonderful Ms. Schachner was signing books and talking to a small group of women at our store. I meekly intruded and begged her to sign a book for my sister's co-worker.

She laughed and happily obliged.

I mailed the book and a stuffed Skippy toy to my sister, and promptly forgot again.

Two weeks ago, I got this in the mail:

Our wonderful manager, Terra McVoy, has a saying: there is a book for every person, and a person for every book.

We are so thankful for moments like this, when we are able to help great authors get great books to great people. Thank you Judy Schachner, thank you Mrs. Baker's Class, and thanks to each and every person who has stopped by Little Shop of Stories and found some magical book to take home with them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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