Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Seventy Degrees Outside! Get Your New Cold Weather Guide!

The sun is shining.
The grass is green.
The oak and magnoila trees sway . . .

It may be freakishly warm right now in Decatur --we've had several patrons in shorts and sleeveless tops in the past few days-- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't snap up a copy of the new Pocket Field Guide for Cold Weather (2007-2008) from our friends at the Duck & Herring Co.

Many of you have already enjoyed the goodness squeezed into D&H's Pocket Field Guides: the timely (and delicious!) recipes, the engaging short fiction, the handy To Dos, the helpful (and winsome!) nonfiction pieces, all handily packaged in a format that is easily carried in purse or pocket--ever at the ready to entertain and delight while you are stuck standing in a long line, are delaying some unpleasant task, or perhaps just have a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa and need something good to read for the next half hour.
Others of you have heard about the PFG (or have seen it at our store), but still aren't quite sure what it is, exactly.
Perhaps even more of you are still in the dark about the whole thing.

But no matter where you stand on the locally-edited, Atlanta-based literary companion, we invite you to come in and give the newest edition a try. Inside you will find How To Dress in Layers; A Frostbite Warning; Pinecone arts & crafts; fiction by authors from Minnesota, the Soviet Union, Los Angeles, and Germany; plus suggested things To Do during the duration of the cold weather, and an authentic recipe for Oyster Stew. But these are only a few of the many things available to you in this compactly compelling collection.

Perfect for your brother in-law's stocking, your mother's bookshelf, or your office's Secret Santa pool, the Pocket Field Guide for Cold Weather 2007-08 is on sale now for only $9. Visit their site for subscriptions and submissions:

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