Friday, February 29, 2008

Summer Camps are coming soon, sign up now!

What kind of camps does a bookstore have? Well, this year, we've planned seven camps, covering all kinds of things: science, mythology, comics, law, drama--the list goes on and on!

All the information about the camps can be found at our website: But what you won't find are the answers to my biggest question: What books tie in to the camps?

Well, the biggest, of course, is our Camp Half-Blood. Based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books by Rick Riordan, this camp is all about the Greek myths, ancient warriors, and other Olympian activities. Here's a picture from last year's Camp Half-Blood--look at them in action!

The comics camp will use all kinds of comics reference material, including some of our favorite graphic novels like Owly and the soon to be released Mouse Guard. We'll also use great cartooning books like Art Roche's Art for Kids: Cartooning or Ed Emberly's drawing books.

We have a Goody for Girls! camp based on the book For Girls Only: Everything Great About Being a Girl by Laura Downer. This camp will include fun, challenging, and inspiring activities to bring out the best in you.

Rick's running the So Cool Science camp and he's using several books, including Stomp Rockets, Catapults and Kaleidoscopes. (I don't know if he's using it, but if you like comics and you like science, check out Howtoons, a cool science experiments book done as a graphic novel!)

Of course, summer camps aren't about books, they're about fun! And every camp is going to be awesome fun for all involved, so be sure and come in to sign up ASAP!

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elysabeth said...

I wish my kids weren't teenagers already - and we lived closer - lol. Your summer camps look and sound like fun things. Hmmm - wonder if you can tie my geography series into a summer camp? That would be fun - but I will see you all this August for the Decatur Book Fesival - hopefully as a presenter or an exhibitor - E :)