Monday, February 18, 2008

Super Fancy Storytime is GO!

It was FANCY STORYTIME here at Little Shop of Stories this past week. What makes a story
time Fancy, you ask? I'll let the pictures (avec captions) speak for themselves...

Your elegant (that's a fancy word for fancy) story tellers: the divine Miss Terra, estimable Mister Justin, and stupendous Ms. Krista.

Some super-fancy storytime visitors, including
the most dapper young man of the evening!

Even Dave dressed up!

We had fancy Parents!

Two lovely young ladies pose for the camera

Everyone learns to bow and curtsy

We read the newest Fancy Nancy book,
Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly!

We had fancy treats, including
sparkling juice and petti fours!

Ms. Krista reads to the fanciest crowd ever!

Miss Terra finishes Fancy Nancy and is about to read The Boy Who Cried Fabulous!

It was such a great time. Look here, we aren't even the only ones to say so! This blog talks it up, and even has a fabu picture of Miss Terra!

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elysabeth said...

I love this - lol - my fave things are butterflies and this sounds like such a cool book - Fancy Nancy - and butterflies - lol. I want to read it now, and have fun with the kids like that - E :)