Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What kind of Tuesday?

This morning I asked my daughter, Nora, what today was.

"Tuesday, Daddy!"

"And what kind of Tuesday is it?"

"SUPER Tuesday!"

Here's a voting themed coloring page from our pal Elizabeth Dulemba. As always, you can find more great coloring pages at her website: dulemba.com. Just click through the link to her blog, or you can find a link on the freebies page.

A recent book about voting is Doreen Cronin's Duck for President, the latest in the Click, Clack, Moo series of picture books. It's a bit cynical about the whole voting process, but as always, very funny. Of course, there's nothing cynical about the most important message of the book: every vote counts. Especially the one's stuck to people's shoes (or pig's bottoms, as it were). Now be sure to vote!

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