Monday, April 7, 2008

Moomin Book Review by Nora, age 5

I like Moomin. Moomin is a comic strip by Tove Jansson. There are two Moomin collections. I look at them every day.

Moomin looks like a hippopotomus but he isn't one. He is nice and smart too. He loves Snork Maiden, and they live with MoominMamma and MoominPappa. They have adventures all over the world that are funny and silly. The art is very very good.

One time, Moomin's friend Mymble fell in love with Mr. Brisk, who is great at sports but not as good at skiing as Mymble. This makes Mr. Brisk sad and angry, and everyone acts silly.

You should read Moomin too!
above: sample Moomin strip, which unfortunately doesn't capture the intricate art and whimsey of the strip.--ed

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