Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah for help (or: You Love Us, You Really Love Us!)

Thank You Thank You Thank You

--to everyone who has come out and helped with our move, from hardworking Heather Jo McVoy (mother of the coolest general manager of a bookstore around) to local authors, illustrators, and reps! Some shout outs are in order:

Vicky Alvear Schecter is the author of the book Alexander the Great Rocks the World, and she herself rocks for all the awesome effort she put in!

Tom Murphy of Murphy-Scheer is responsible for one of the coolest non-book items in the store: if you've ever seen the Galison magnetic paper dolls (which come in a variety of wonderful styles for girls, and even a monster one for boys!) then you know the kind of awesome things Tom brings us. Yay for reps like Tom!

Yes, we rave about Elizabeth Dulemba all the time. But I'm starting to worry--where does she find the time to help us move, spread the word about local artists and writers and otherwise expound so wonderfully on her blog, and promote her new book? I'm telling you, her energy is otherworldly.

Thank you again, one and all, to everyone who has pitched in even a little.

See you all in the store next week! (Oh yes, we're excited)

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