Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Treasures from afar

My in-laws just got back from a week and a half whirlwind trip to Tanzania! (I know, we're all seething with jealousy at my house) When they got back, they had wonderful gifts for everyone, including books!

These books are part of a series of African Animal Tales, and they're great fun. The artist (who I think did the art for the entire series) has a great, appealing style, which she can adapt to the needs of the particular story she's telling.

Unfortunately, they're only available overseas (not just in Africa, though. The price was in pounds, so I'm assuming you could get it in England as well). But there's something wonderful about that as well. I like discovering books--not just about books through this wonderful internet thing--but the physical object itself. It's why, wherever we go, I force my family into bookstores new and used. I'm looking for that interesting find, that unusual book,lost and collecting dust in the corner until somebody discovers the wonders inside.

And now we have some books at home that we'll treasure, not just for the story and art, but because they are a part of another place, inacessible from our cozy chair except through the wonders of their pages. And isn't that part of the magic of books?

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