Saturday, June 7, 2008

When Greek heroes were young

This being Greek week here at Little Blog of Stories in anticipation of Camp Half-Blood, I've gone scouring the store for Greek mythology related titles. And there's lots of them, let me tell you--mythology is currently riding a wave of popularity with publishers and readers. But I've come across some books that pre-date the current mythology boom, and not by much, but by enough years that they've gone out of print.

The always excellent Jane Yolen--author of innumerable books, including the picture book series How Do Dinosaurs...?, Owl Moon, and The Devil's Arithmetic--also wrote a series of middle grade books called The Young Heroes. Each one took on a mythical Greek hero and told a story of when they were young.

Odysseus, from the Odyssey, Hippolyta, an Amazon, Jason, of Jason and the Argonauts, and one of my favorites, Atalanta, a true warrior princess. These are the characters she explores in the four books in the series. Which sounds exciting, with reviews that declare them exciting reads that delve deep into the history and myth of these heroes. I was real excited to check these books out and order them in for the store.

Only they're out of print.

Which is an excellent excuse for me to check them out! (Our local library system has all but the Jason book, but that's easy enough to get my hands on through inter-library loan)

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