Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder...

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So last week I ran our comics camp here at LSOS, and we had a blast. Rather than blah blah blah-ing all about it, I'd like to post some photos from the day Andy Runton, cartoonist and creator of the great all-ages graphic novel series Owly, came and talked to everybody about how he draws comics.

Here's Owly, greeting everybody as they come into comics camp.

And here Andy drew Owly and friends hanging out in the the shop logo on the back of one camper's comics camp shirt.

Here's a closer view. What's awesome is that, despite Andy's protest that he has a hard time drawing Owly without the chance to sketch a pencil version first, this drawing totally rocks!

Auguste, awesome attendee of comics camp, sports his Owly "temporary tattoo," a personalized arm-signing by Andy Runton!

Check this out! Andy brought in some original art like the picture above (which I grabbed from his website) to show to campers. If you look closely (click for a better view) you can see the blue pencil marks where he first sketched out the page before inking it with his amazing brush pen. I call it amazing because he showed it to us and let us use it a little to see what kind of line it makes.

Finally, he brought free comics for everybody and signed them all!

Thanks Andy, you made Comics Camp awesome!

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Little Shop of Stories said...

This makes it EXTRA great that Andy Runton will be joining us this year for the Decatur Book Festival!! Thanks, Justin, for a terrific camp!! --Terra