Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Justin Would Want You to Know . . .

Our friend and blog manager, Justin, is very busy this week teaching the fantastic Comics Camp (where kids learn all about making their own comics --and one day graphic novels!), so today I'm picking up the books-related-to-our-camps torch and telling you about a graphic novel that's recently come into our store (and Justin had some things to say about).

Seems that the prolific horrormeister, Dean Koontz, has got yet another title out on the shelves, only THIS one is a graphic novel. (Though you might not know it from looking at the cover.) Koontz has hooked up with manga talent Queenie Chan (The Dreaming series) for In Odd We Trust: the "Sixth Sense"-meets-"Sin City" tale of Odd, a nineteen year-old boy with a special talent for seeing the dead. Seems the dead want Odd to help them--get some really wicked revenge. Packed with a lot of pluck and punch (this one's not for little kiddies), Odd is edgy, dark, and intense. And if you like it, knowing Koontz, very likely there will be at least one or two more! 

--Terra McVoy, Manager 

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