Saturday, August 2, 2008

Drama Camp Theater

Decatur, August 2nd--The theatrical event of the season just took place and if you missed it, we've got a review right here for you. The Littlest Dinosaur Festival Revue played its single engagement to a packed house of exclusive guests. This tour-de-force of drama featured stand out performances from each and every actor.

The plays, including an adaptation of author Michael Foreman's The Littlest Dinosaur, were performed by the brilliant and talented members of Little Shop of Stories' Dramarama Camp. Never before has such a fantastic set of plays graced the stage of Little Shop's theater space.

In addition to the fun, frolicky, and sensational "Littlest Dinosaur" adaptation, the cast, who also did all costuming and set design, performed several skits written during camp by campers themselves.

What a wonderful afternoon of theater for Decatur! One can only hope we'll see the likes of it again someday.

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