Friday, August 15, 2008

Guest Review: Barnaby Grimes

Are you a fan of the Edge Chronicles? Well, Chris Riddell and and Paul Stewart, creators of that series, have a new series that's out already in their native England, but will be released over here in the coming months. The first book, Barnaby Grimes and the Curse of the Night Wolf, comes out September 9, and we're really looking forward to it here at Little Shop. But don't take my word for it--check out what reviewer and store customer Sebastian has to say:

"I really liked Barnaby Grimes and the Curse of the Night Wolf. I would recommend it to any one of my friends that likes scary stories. It's a really good book."

Thanks Sebastian! This series looks to be a mystery series in historical England with lots of crazy, over-the-top scary encounters for the hero Barnaby Grimes to puzzle through.

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