Saturday, October 25, 2008

Did you see Chen Jiang Hong?

Chen Jiang Hong, author and illustrator of a number of picture books in his home country of France, was visiting the International School not far from here in Buckhead, teaching students art all week. We were lucky enough to have been contacted by his U.S. publisher, Enchanted Lion Books, to see about a possible store visit.

I'm so happy we jumped at this rare chance to meet an international master of picture books. he came for our milk and cookies storytime, and read from his book The Magic Horse of Han Gan. His books are gorgeous, and range from the poetic to the historical. But the most amazing part of his visit was the individual attention he gave to each of the children in the audience. The pictures here are all photos I took with my phone of the personalized nature of his signings.

Yes, he did take the time to do a portrait of the two kids he signed for. With the brush and ink he brought.

There was a teachers conference/lecture taking place in our upstairs space, and as the attendees began to file out, they saw Mr. Chen painting in the books here on the couch. Each one gasped, and I don't think a one of them walked out without a personalized book by this phenomenal artist.

I'm only sorry he didn't have more time, or I would have had him paint in every book we had. I truly count myself lucky for having met this wonderful author and artist, and we extend our warmest thanks for his visit.

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