Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here's some links of things we've been looking at here at the store:

First, the new Horn Book newsletter is out this month. Horn Book is, in my opinion, the NYT Book Review of children and teen's lit. Go here to see what they have to say about a bunch of good picture books and some great graphic novels this month. To see the archive of their past newsletters, go here.

Next, check out this little video of cartoonist Emmanuel Guibert demonstrating his drawing technique for his graphic novel Alan's War, just released in the US by First Second press. Seen it and wondering what he's doing? He's drawing with water, then, when he drops the ink, it follows the water line. Pretty cool, eh? The book itself is fantastic. It's the stories WWII veteran Alan Cope related to the cartoonist after they struck up a friendship several years ago.

On November 21 at 8pm at PushPush theatre there will be a special screening of the movie Paperback Dreams, a documentary about independent bookstores today. Our very own pappa bear Dave will be there for a roundtable discussion afterwards. Check out this article about the movie and the event.

And, if there were ever an excuse to use the cliche "last but not least," this is it:
Our very own Terra has been mentioned in Laurie Halse Anderson's blog. Check out her beautiful face next to LHA's (she also name checks LSoS!).

Update: edited to insert link I left out the first time around.

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