Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's Get Fancy

Never one to pass up a chance to get fancy, I'd been excited for months about our annual Valentine's Day Fancy Storytime. We made invitations cordially inviting little ladies and gentlemen to attend in their fanciest attire and planned a nice afternoon of snacks and stories and all things fancy. The fanciest thing I own is my wedding dress, so I put it on for the event and honestly, it was almost as much fun as my actual wedding.

And I'm glad I wore it, because otherwise I might have been under dressed! Girls showed up in droves, wearing flower girl dresses, tutus, feather boas, tiaras and princess costumes. Little bits of ribbon and pink feathers could be found in corners and under bookshelves for the rest of the weekend. The girls were beautiful, and you could tell they felt beautiful, and their moms looked beautiful, too, dressed up in borrowed accessories and big hats. The dads that stayed looked dapper as well, but I did overheard two dads making a break for Brick Store until the event was over.

Not only did Amy, Justin and I read some of our favorite fancy stories (The Knight Who Took All Day, Clifford's Manners and Fancy Nancy--of course) we also taught the kids how to be fancy. In case you didn't make it, being fancy involves talking in French (merci), bowing and curtsying and practicing your Miss America wave. Seriously, ask Amy to show you the wave next time you're in the shop. As she informed the girls, it could come in handy "should you find yourself on a parade float one day."

Then we mingled (a fancy word for the chaos that ensued as over 75 kids got in line for snacks) and ate petit fours and sipped sparkling juice. Everyone had a fantastic time. It was my favorite Valentine's Day ever. I'm already thinking ahead to next year. But what to wear?....


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