Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bombs Away!

Not only do we love to post your reviews, we also love when you give us suggestions about books to carry in our store! A frequent customer, Anne Radford, came into the shop a few weeks ago and recommended Janice Earlbaum's (first) memoir, Girlbomb. So now it's a title we carry. Here's her review:

I hesitated to begin this book, fearing that my funny, caustic, warmwriting teacher, Janice Erlbaum, had a story that would be hard toread. I was right. However, once I began, I couldn’t stop.
As a young teen Janice Erlbaum was forced to make a terribledecision: stay in her mother’s home, a forced witness to domesticviolence, or leave. She left, and ended up on the streets ofManhattan; a jewish girl from Brooklyn, homeless and lost. In thismemoir, Erlbaum shares her story of growing up in the shelter system,and how she survived. While the facts of the story may be unique, andones to which a reader doesn’t directly identify, Erlbaum writes offriendships, pain, fear, sadness, addiction, love and loss, in a wayin which any reader can relate. The hardest part of this book, forme, was finishing it. She became someone I wanted to know, wanted tohear more from, and I was thrilled when her second memoir, Have You Found Her, following shortly. I encourage young teens, with parentalsupervision, and adults to read this book. I loved it, and hope you will too.

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