Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looking for Marco Polo & grk Smells A Rat

Guest reviews of Alan Armstrong's Looking for Marco Polo and Joshua Doder's grk Smells A Rat

Reviews by Anjing Xionyzou

When Mark and his mother lose touch with his father's Gobi Desert expedition, the two go to Venice, Italy where Mark learns about Marco Polo's journey to China.

Looking for Marco Polo is a very heart pounding mystery and adventure book. I highly recommend it to any person because it is well written description of Marco Polo. The book is due out on September 22nd.

In grk Smells A Rat, Tim and his dog, grk, along with Tim's parents and friends Natasha and Max, travel to India. Max plays in the Vijay Ghat International Lawn Tennis Association Champtionship, where they face the evil, infamous Blue Rat gang. What will they do?

grk Smells A Rat is a very adventurous and humerous historical fiction book.

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