Wednesday, June 24, 2009

School's Out For Summer

Hurray for more reviews! Here's one from Osiris Hassan. The book he reviewed, School of Fear by Gitty Geshnavari, comes out in September, so look for it in a few months. Here's a preview of good things to come....

School of Fear by Gitty Geshnavari
Review by Osiris Hassan

Ok, so everyone is afraid of something right? These fears are called phobias, everybody’s got at least one. Nobody is fearless no matter how much they proclaim to be in fact these people are probably extreme phobophobics- someone who fears fear itself. I know that’s extreme but that’s just one of the less crazy phobias: abolutaphobia- the fear of washing or bathing, cacophobia- the fear of ugliness, asymmetriphobia- the fear of asymmetrical things, chorophobia- the fear of dancing, and weirdest of all: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words.

In some cases, people take their phobias to an extreme level. Take Madeline Masterson for example: an extreme arachnophobe, she doesn’t go anywhere without her trusty repellents and veil, Or Theodore Bartholomew: an extremely overreacvtive, melodramatic, half-insane thantophobe who has to keep up with all of his family membersat all times. How about lulu punchalower? A snobby, stuck-up, stankin’ rich claustrophobe who gets queasy at the very mention of confined spaces, but she’d rather drop-spin-hammer fist- tornado kick you off the twin towers than admit it. These three these crazedextreme phobic 12 year olds along with extreme athlete/aquaphobegarrison Feldman make a very formidable group of students.

Out in the middle of nowhere there’s an exclusive school, only for the most extreme phobics. In order to be accepted your parents must complete 6 tons of paperwork and sign so many confidentiality agreements that if you laid them out in a line and walked on them you’d end up in the land of the lost. This place is called the school of fear. Run by an ex-pageant queen- who still thinks she is 16 even though she is really 65-, a half blind 80-year-old caretaker,and a
wager crazed lawyer. This school is dedicated to completely and totally eradicating extreme phobias in children. Thrown in the face of this adversity these four fear ridden 12 year olds will have toband together in order to save their only chance of normality.

I liked this book because it shows kids of any age how you can overcome
your fears.