Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Behold the Half-Bloodiad!

Summer Camps were awesome this year. Especially awesome? Two weeks of Camp Half-Blood! And many folks want to know what we do during Camp Half Blood, so I figure why not tell you the epic story of our second week of Camp, in which the campers raced against the evil Medea (of Jason & the Argonauts fame) to stop her from creating an unstoppable army of warriors to destroy all demigods across the nation!

Here's the rub though: I was ill and bedridden this summer with too much time on my hands. The result? The Half-Bloodiad, our week rendered as a Greek epic! So here's the experiment: Every Wednesday, a new chapter in the Half-Bloodiad! This week--an introduction:

Hear, oh Muse, how the demigods of Camp Half Blood were granted a vision into a great mystery, how they witnessed and experienced tremendous evil, how they visited secret places. They journeyed to the edge of doom and made their way back, exhausted yet their numbers never dwindled. They wrote their trials on scrolls to be carried to the four corners of the Earth, they made the proper sacrifices to the gods, they crafted a legion of defenses to protect the site of Camp Half Blood Decatur.

Climb the staircase, ancient and true. Approach the shelf of scrolls and search for the vellum parchment that bears their name. Pull it down, unseal it, witness the words writ in gilt, precious oils, and sacred ink. Read how the demigods suffered all and accomplished all.

Next: How Dragon’s Teeth Arrived at Decatur, and Medea’s Underworld Escape

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