Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great book, great author, coming to our great Decatur Book Festival!

I'm not always right. "I know," you say (particularly if you're in my family), "we just didn't know you knew."

And even though I'm more right more often about books than most other things in my life, sometimes I get them completely wrong as well. Which brings us to the fantastic new series of graphic novels by one of Little Shop's favorite illustrators, Jarrett J Krosoczka. You might remember him as the author and illustrator of the Punk Farm picture books.

When I first saw Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute, I thought, "this is silly. Who's going to want to read about a super-hero lunch lady?" Well, my daughter, six year old Nora, took a look at it and immediately let me know how wrong I was.

"This is awesome, Daddy!" she exclaimed. "It's so funny, and exciting, and please please please can I get it Daddy? And you are the best Daddy in the whole world, so smart and loving and kind..." Well, maybe she didn't say that last sentence, but she sure took to the Lunch Lady book.

The art has a wonderful loose, kinetic feel to it, and it moves quickly, keeping pace with the lightning fast jokes and plot. And even though the basic idea could easily fall into a one note joke, Krosoczka layers the humor, develops his characters, and keeps things funny, rich, and full of action.

I've been schooled by my six year old daughter: Jarrett J. Krosoczka's new series of Lunch Lady graphic novels are awesome. And you can get the first two volumes in the series ( Lunch Lady & the Cyborg Substitute and Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians) are available now at Little Shop of Stories.

Oh, and I plan on telling him how great they are, along with my daughter, when he comes Labor Day weekend to our very own Decatur Book Festival!

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