Monday, July 27, 2009

Peter McCarty Is Coming To DBF!

A while back I promised to provide information about the wonderful authors coming to the Target Children's Stage and the Escape Stage at this year's AJC Decatur Book Festival. Here's the first one! These will be appearing in no particular order, though we are very excited that Peter McCarty will be here with his brand new book.
- Dave

Peter McCarty
Decatur Book Festival
Target Children's Stage
Saturday, September 5th at 10:30 a.m.

Peter McCarty is not only an incredible artist, but a gifted storyteller as well. He began his career in publishing as an illustrator of children's books, and shortly thereafter began writing picture books as well. Among our favorites of Peter's are Hondo & Fabian (a Coldecott Honor book), Fabian Escapes, Moon Plane, and T is for Terrible.

Peter's newest work, Jeremy Draws A Monster, is being released just before his appearance at the Decatur Book Festival.

Drawing for about as long as he can remember, Peter graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His illustrations are warm and soft, using pencil and watercolor that create a classic, but still very distinctive style. Peter's books -- Hondo & Fabian in particular -- have long been Little Shop favorites.

We're very much looking forward to meeting Peter and the release of Jeremy Draws A Monster.

For more information about Peter, click here.

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Unknown said...

i love peter mccarty. his illustrations are soft and sweet.