Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Half-Bloodiad, pt 3

This Week: How the Teeth got to Decatur, and how Camp Half-Blood got involved!

V. [Stephen] Decatur brought the teeth to America’s shores, far, he hoped, from those who would use them for evil purposes. It was only by the greatest of luck that another son of the gods, Napoleon, had not found them. In his hands, surely, all of Europe would still be under his thumb. But a craven act by a dastardly villain took Decatur from this world before he could settle the matter of the dragon’s teeth, thus President James Monroe, under advisement by those demigods among the founding fathers, and Dolly Madison, daughter of Hestia, split the teeth up into small sets of no more than four, and sent these to the hinterlands of the new nation, to places marked by the name of the great hero who had found them.

VI. Nearly two hundred years passed before any disturbed the teeth of dragon slayer, founder of Thebes, and dragon himself—Cadmus. Each generation a son or daughter of Dionysus had come to guard the teeth, in Illinois, in Georgia, in Alabama, wherever a Decatur city stood from those early days of the Republic, there, hidden, lay the potential for a great and fearsome army. But then, the League of Machines and Monsters enacted their plan. Composed of rogue demigods, they ever seek to overthrow and supplant the gods. This plan utilized the animus of artifacts, monsters, and demigods to power a machine to rival the abilities and powers of the gods themselves. They were foiled by the combined might of every camp half-blood, but not before their actions loosed the hold death had on Medea. Hecate, knowing the roads between this one and the next, helped guide the spirit of Medea out while the league attempted to draw infernal energies from that fearsome and infernal guardian of the Underworld, Cerberus. Distracted, fighting off the assault, he took no notice of the sorceress’ spirit as she slipped by.

VII. It was Nico DiAngelo, son of Hades, who alerted Chiron to what had happened. He knew of some spirits’ escape, and that Medea was amongst those missing. Chiron, familiar with her history, immediately alerted the children of Dionysus as to what may come. Unfortunately, he heard nothing from Decatur, Georgia and knew he must act quickly to have the teeth secured from Medea’s long conniving reach. He reached out to Diane, daughter of Athena, head counselor and principal actor in all things Camp Half-Blood Decatur. Though they had recently lost two campers to the underhanded schemes of the League of Machines and Monsters, though they were exhausted and low on staff, Chiron knew of no other souls he could depend on to retrieve the teeth of the dragon Cadmus and resist the otherworldly grasp of Medea’s magiks.

Next: the Rogue Demigods return to Camp Half Blood!

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