Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Half-Bloodiad, pt 4

This Week: The rogue Demigods Return!

VIII. Diane, wise daughter of Athena, and the staff of Camp Half-Blood had news of Medea, though they knew it not. Not more than a fortnight before, the halfbloods of Decatur had been dealt a grave blow. In facing the twisted plans of the League, they confronted their own betrayal—Nick, son of Diane, son of Hermes, grandson of Athena, and Aliya, daughter of Athena, had both found themselves the victims of lies perpetrated by the League. Misled into believing falsely as to the intentions of the League of Machines and Monsters, they had laid traps for the Half Bloods of Decatur, attempted to thwart the camp’s quest to stop the League, and even sought to take demigod life by poisoning their feast. But the two saboteur’s were found out, and escaped to the state of Texas to seek refuge with their allies the League, whereupon the two young half bloods found themselves punished and their lives threatened for their failure to stop Camp Half-Blood Decatur.

IX. Should you see Nick Capriola, should you perhaps encounter Aliya Schecter, do not question them directly about what happened there in the lair of the League of Machines and Monsters, in the wilds of the hill country of Texas, west of Austin. Their memories of that time are fractured, broken, the memories of heroes pushed to the brink of death. They recall little but their near torture at the hands of the League, and their rescue by nereiads who spirited them away to Camp Half-Blood Austin. Upon finding the two stray demigods, the staff and campers of Austin took them in, revived their health, and bore witness to their delirium, for in their recovery, in their near-death state they hovered betwixt this life and the Underworld, and it was there that they sensed the escape of Medea, and her plot to retrieve the dragon’s teeth and use them to raise the Spartoi, that unbeatable army with which to destroy all heroes upon the Earth, beginning with those of Camp Half-Blood.

X. Camp Half-Blood Austin brought light and truth to Nick and Aliya, The scales had fallen from their eyes—they saw the League of Machines and Monsters for what they truly were, and were sorry for what part they played in the Leagues plans. The two demigods returned to Camp Half-Blood Decatur with news of Austin’s dedication to the destruction of the League, and with the additional news of their visions near death, of Medea’s plot, though they knew not what these meant. And the staff of Camp Half-Blood Decatur was happy indeed for the return of their own, happy to see the wayward ones return, especially Diane, for Nick was her own child, and had wept many a night at the loss of her eldest, thinking him gone forever into the baleful arms of the League.

XI. But seeing her son, returned to her arms, she rejoiced, embraced her wayward progeny, and celebrated this boon of the gods. Aliya, too, was celebrated by the woman she claimed as mother, Vicky, elder at the camp and daughter herself of Demeter. But her return was overshadowed by her failure to acknowledge Athena, the goddess who birthed her, and this would lay like a stain across her life, leading to the tragic death recorded in the annals of history. But that too is a tale for another time.

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