Friday, August 7, 2009

James Dean Is Coming To DBF!

James Dean
Decatur Book Festival
Target Children's Stage
Sunday at 5:30pm

What a way to end the book festival!

Join James Dean, along with Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael as they present Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes!

James Dean is the artist behind Pete the Cat, the ubiquitous blue icon of Atlanta and the illustrator of the best-selling book in the history of Little Shop of Stories.

But life was not always this easy for James.

A native of Marion, Indiana, James' family moved to California when he was young, but was sent back to Indiana to live with his aunt and uncle after his mother died when James was nine. After high school, where he excelled as an athlete, he enrolled in Santa Monica College before transferring to UCLA to major in drama.

Inspired by early success in obtaining acting jobs, James Dean dropped out of school and moved to New York, where he enrolled in Lee Strasberg's legendary Acting Studio. Television appearances were soon followed by lead roles in major motion pictures, including East of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause, and Giant.

On September 30, 1955, James Dean was driving his Porsche 550 Spyder on US Route 446 when he was involved in a ... no, wait a minute here, that's the wrong James Dean.

Sorry. For information about this James Dean, click here.

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