Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Laurel Snyder Is Coming To DBF!

Laurel Snyder
Decatur Book Festival
The Escape
Saturday at 4:30pm
Target Children's Stage
Sunday at 3:30pm

We love Laurel. She comes into the store and she's a mom (we love Mose & Lewis, too!) and a book lover and a customer and an author and we sell her books, so there's a lot going on. And with Laurel, it all ... just ... flows.

Here's Laurel's description of Laurel from her web site:

"I have written for a very long time. I have two amazing sons, Mose and Lewis. I hate fish, but sometimes I pretend to like it because I am a grownup now and that’s what grownups are supposed to do. Especially at dinner parties. I like black licorice a lot. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in Baltimore, MD. I cry when I see the ocean. I am a terrible gardener. I am very very very very impatient. I talk too much. I believe in being truthful. I wish I could meet you. I’d talk too much and offer you licorice but then get impatient if you took too long getting it out of the bag. Honestly."

Here's my description of Laurel:

Laurel Snyder is a very talented writer. A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, she is the double-threat author of picture books (Inside the Slidy Diner, Baxter the Kosher Pig (not out yet!)) and chapter books (Up and Down the Scratchy Mountain and Any Which Wall). I envision her as an incredibly intense writer, pounding out manuscripts in fits of creative rushes and editing revision #12 in the still of the night. While eating black licorice.

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