Thursday, August 6, 2009

mElissa conrOy is cOming tO dbf!

mElissa conrOy
dEcatur boOk fEstival
targEt childrEn's stagE
saturday at 12:3Opm

mElissa was bOrn in bEaufOrt, sOuth carOlina, raisEd in atlanta, geOrgia (yOu knOw, that nEwEr city to thE wEst), and wEnt tO schoOl at thE rhOdE island schoOl of dEsign in rhOdE island, the univErsity Of geOrgia in geOrgia, and philadElphia univErsity in pEnnsylvania, whEre shE nOw livEs.

pOppy's pants, which mElissa wrOte and illustrated, is hEr first boOk. it cOmbinEs hEr lOve of sEwing, dOlls, family, and writing. pOppy's pants has it's Origins frOm back whEn mElissa was a yOung girl and sEwEd hEr fathEr's pants.

mElissa's fathEr, pat, is alsO a writEr. pErhaps yOu havE hEard Of him. (thE grEat santini, thE princE Of tidEs and OthEr boOks.)

yOu can find Out mOrE infOrmatiOn abOut mElissa at hEr wEb sitE. shE alsO makes woOberry dOlls.

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