Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Judy Schachner Is Coming To DBF!!!

Judy Schachner
Decatur Book Festival
Target Children's Stage
Sunday at 12:30 pm

SkippyJon Jones is one confused Siamese cat. You see, El Skippito thinks he's a Chihuahua who leads a gang of friends known as Los Chimichangos.

His latest adventures are chronicled in his fifth picture book, Lost In Spice, which is being premiered at the Festival on Sunday!

The special brunch is all sold out. However, if you would like to visit with Skippy, come to El Tesoro restaurant on Church Street (just a couple of doors south of Twain's) at 12 noon on Sunday. There will be a Mariachi parade from there heading to the Decatur Square where Judy Schachner will be presenting at the Target Children's Stage at 12:30.

Judy last visited two years ago at the Book Festival. Her books are wonderful. She was wonderful ... even though I kept spacing out everytime she asked if she could go get something to eat. At least this time I know she'll be fed.

(Here's a secret about authors of wonderful children's books: they tend to be even more wonderful than their books.)

You can find out more about Judy if you click here.

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