Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Pure Review

Terra Elan McVoy's Pure has won over lots and lots of readers, critics, and bloggers. One of the best critiques I've read comes from Paul Goldschmidt of Middleton, Wisconsin.

"A few reviews back, I said I was laying down a gauntlet for a YA writer to address conscience and religious faith in a mature and respectful fashion. Had I realized that the challenge would be answered so quickly (and in fact was already sitting in my to-read pile), I would have just hurried off to read this book! McVoy really hits the subject soundly and firmly."

"There are a lot of other elements to this story and I imagine that this would make an excellent book for discussion. That in itself should be considered a mark of approval."

You can read it in its entirety here.

My very favorite review comes from former Decatur resident and Columbia Theological Seminary graduate Adam Copeland. I still read his blog, A Wee Blether, though Adam has since moved to one of those square-shaped states where it is probably already snowing.

"... if you work with high school youth, read this book. If you have high school children, read this book. If you’re in high school yourself, I totally recommend it even more."

(In the interest of full disclosure, Adam admits that while growing up in Tallahassee, Terra was his babysitter .)

You can read excerpts from more reviews at Terra's website. (This is a rare feat of self-promotion and I can feel the angst she experiences in posting these; what can I say, she's confident, but modest.)

Have you read Pure? Don't be shy. Stop by Little Shop and tell her how much you loved it. Or write a blog about it.

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