Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Attack of the Killer Bunnies

The Capriola kids love this new game called Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot*. It's a cut-throat card game where you try to distroy your opponents' bunnies with flame throwers, poison and killer roaches while keeping your own bunnies well-fed and safe from Eboli viruses and barbeques. It's action packed, nasty, and somewhat disturbing. For example: I just drew a random card to help illustrate my point. The card reads: "Terrible Misfortune! One of your bunnies is exposed to illegally buried Plutonium, loses its fur, convulses for bit and dies!"

Naturally, we ordered copies for the store.

Diane warned me that for some strange reason kids have an easier time grasping the involved and complex instructions than adults, but I ignored her. I mean, how hard could it be to kill a bunny? So last week Terra and I tried our hands at Killer Bunnies. We spread out the directions and cards and buckled down for a night of bunny distroying. Turns out, Diane was right. A few days later Terra consulted the Capriola kids for tips and I think now we get the hang of it. But trust me (as complicated as it may seem to grown ups at first) this game is so fun. You need to learn to play.

When can I learn to play, you ask. Here at Little Shop of Stories, of course! Next Monday (November 2) City Schools of Decatur are out for the day, so we'd love for you to come spend the afternoon with us! We're having a Game Time from 2-4 pm where you can bring your own favorite games and hang out here with your pals. You'll also have the chance to learn how to play Killer Bunnies and eat snacks with us. I promise we won't feed you radio-active carrots or anything like that. But your bunnies might not be so lucky.

 Hope to see you then!

*Parents, keep this game in mind come Christmas present time! This makes a great gift for the son/daughter/neice/newphew/grandkid/neighbor/classmate in your life.


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