Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lego Star Wars Party!

Peanut butter and bananas. Pirates and ninjas. Sometimes in life two unrelated things come together to make a fantastic pair. And there is no doubt that Star Wars and Legos are one of these combinations. Then add in books (like the uber-amazing, must-have Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary or the Star Wars the Clone Wars series) and well, you just have a triple threat on your hands. What could be better than Star Wars and Legos and books?

Thanks to everyone (and there were tons and tons of you!) who came out for our Lego Star Wars party. We had so much fun making Storm Trooper masks, designing our own Droids, and working on Star Wars word searches. Congratulations, again, to Thomas Hollahan, who won our Guess-How-Many-Legos-Are-In-This-Jar Contest and went home with a Dark Vader TIE Flyer kit. For the record, there were 159 Legos in the jar.

We had a gazillion legos for kids to use to build space ships and fortresses and all kinds of fun things, thanks to the Capriola family's extensive collection.

Oh, and there were Star Wars characters here, with light sabers and everything! Check out these amazing outfits.

 It was a lego-tastic good time.

And we still have copies of Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary so come by and pick up your copy today.

In the meantime, may the force be with you.

(C' knew I had to end with that...)


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