Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Please to meet Meno!


Picture books can provoke deep thought and conversation in the youngest of readers.  They can promote understanding of big ideas and acceptance of differing perspectives.  They can shape a young child's mind during the very formative years of cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Or, they can make you laugh.  Out loud.  (While still teaching all that serious stuff.)

We are out of this world excited to tell you about a new out of this world picture book series that has landed on our shelves at the shop- Adventure of Meno.  It is the baby of Tony and Angela DiTerlizzi.  You know Tony- he is the co-creator of the awesome Spiderwick Chronicles.  His wife, Angela, is a creative and feisty genius in her own right.  Together, they have brought us the adorable and irreverent Meno, Elf of Space, a little guy who has traveled from the farthest reaches of the galaxy to engage in fun and friendship here on Earth.

Both Tony and Angela are huge fans of anything vintage, including classic Little Golden Books.  The first two Meno books-just released, with more to follow- have that same old timey feel in both picture and simple text.  They are perfectly sized for the tiniest of hands and visually engaging ("presented in vibrant Meno-Color!") for eyeballs of all ages. 

Be ready to have laughing times when you share these books with your little one.  Meno has great ideas for fun, some that you might not necessarily agree with but then, this means that you probably need to lighten up a bit.  And, Meno is still mastering the English language, and an out loud reading of his adventures begs for a silly voice.  And a sense of humor. 

'Cause remember, sometimes the best picture books make you laugh.


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