Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Runemarks Rules--In Both Versions!

So, back in 2008 we had the author of Runemarks, Joanne Harris, visit us at the bookstore and totally blow our minds with her awesome Norse mythology tales and her new book (it was new then, anyway). The cover alone was completely mezmerizing, but the story inside was even better: the tale of Maddy Smith, girl with a "ruinmark" and a penchant for attracting goblins, for one, not to mention possessing some (forbidden) magical powers herself. It smacked of Terry Pratchett and The Cabinet of Wonders and a lot of other fantastic adventures involving strong, smart girls and their quests to save humanity (or at least their families or villages), and we hand-sold it like crazy.
  Now after what feels like it was a really long wait, Runemarks has finally come out in paperback, and I can't wait to handsell it to another batch of smart, adventurous, magically-inclined boys and girls. And look how easy it will be with this awesome new cover!

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