Saturday, October 3, 2009

SkippyJon is #1???

Okay, I just don't get this.  Looking at the recent New York Times Bestsellers List for picture books, I see that SkippyJon Jones: Lost In Spice by Judy Schachner is at the top.  "Numero uno," as Skippito might say.  Go figure.  If you look at my previous review of this book, you'll understand why I find this so dog-gone weird.

Also on this list at #5 is Jon Scieszka's Robot Zot!  Now there's a great book! It features a dog known as "Earth's most fearsome Commander General."  Ah yes, a dog that is recognized and shown proper respect.

Otis, by Loren Long, is #8.  Like Robot Zot!, it is in its first week of official release.  The book is about a tractor and partly about a cow, neither of which are dogs (but a least they're not cats).

These three books have something in common.  Each of their authors appeared at the Decatur Book Festival.  In addition, each of these books were released at the Decatur Book Festival before they were available anywhere else.  That's pretty cool.  Little Shop even has signed copies of SkippyJon and Robot Zot! available, and signed bookplates for Otis.

I also got a chance to meet Judy Schachner, Jon Scieszka, and Loren Long at the book festival.  They were all very nice ... even Judy.

- Scrappy

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