Monday, October 5, 2009

Who Should I Be For Halloween?

It's acceptible now that it's October to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I've been pondering this year's outfit since August, but figured I'd wait to blog about my quandry until closer to the time of ghosts and witches and candy.

So now there are 26 days 'til go time and I'm still not sure. Since children's books are not only my obsession but also my profession, I can't help but lean toward being a character from a book. Last year I was Ladybug Girl, which was super fun, except that no one at the party I was at had read the book. I even carried the book around with me to show people, but generally I was thought of as just a run-of-the-mill ladybug instead of the brave, daring, fiercely independent Lulu, alias Ladybug Girl.

This year I've been tossing around being the Paper Bag Princess, one of my favorite heroines in all princess literature my first introduction into feminism. Here she is in all her dragon-outwitting glory. The downfalls are as such: 1. I'd freeze. 2. Yet again, no one would know who I was. And 3. It's been done before and I just don't know if I could top this
straight-from-the-runway getup.

Another option is the classic plucky detective, Nancy Drew. All I need is a magnifying glass and a Roadster convertible. Plus I could stay in character all night, which is always plus, by dusting for finger prints around the punch bowl and snooping through cabinet drawers. I'd also get to say things like, "Gosh! This looks like a hidden passageway. I'd better investigate."

Decisions, decisions. Help me out here! What are some of your favorite costumes?


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