Monday, November 9, 2009

Diane's Top Five Christmas Book Countdown, Part 1

I am a sucker for Christmas- the lights, the songs, the shiny wrappings, the spirit- it's all so feel good.  However, I have always prided myself on being one of those retailers who didn't want to put Christmas in the face of her customers in early October.  Unfortunately, our current economic climate has forced me to re-think this position to a certain degree.  Truth is, to be a successful retailer nowadays, you have to remind your customers that the holiday shopping season is upon us.  So, last week we put out some limited holiday stock, and guess what?  At least three of our Christmas books were in the top ten for sales last week, and overall shop sales were particularly brisk.

I have shared many holiday books with my three children throughout the years, and there are several that are near and dear to me.  Over the course of the next five weeks, I'd like to share them with you.  They are presented in no particular order, and if pushed, I could probably not name one of them as an absolute favorite, only because each of them speaks to me for different reasons.

Back to the sights and sounds of the season- here's the BEST book that captures them:

Margaret Wise Brown has brought us many classics- Good Night Moon, Runaway Bunny, too many more to name here- and she is a master at capturing the language of the beauty and simplicity in life, whether it be a bunny testing limits or a cat taking in the Christmas celebration that surrounds her.  Coupled with Anne Mortimer's wonderful watercolors (if you ever write a kitty book, she's the one you want to illustrate your work),  Pussycat's Christmas is simply a delight to the five senses.

I'm hard pressed to find one passage to share.

If you've never experienced a fresh Christmas Eve snowfall, this is what it feels, sounds, smells like:

"...the sky was dark and low,
and there was the dark smell of winter air before snow...
And she ran right out
into the snow storm.
For if there is anything that this cat loved,
it was the cold, dry, fresh white, wild and feathery, powdery snow."

Back inside, away from the cold and surrounded by warmth, pussycat watches all the hustle and bustle as her people prepare for the evening's festivities:

"And could she hear the crackle and slip of white white tissue paper?
And red tissue paper?

She certainly could.

Tissue paper rustled.
Nuts cracked.
Scissors cut."

Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste- it's all here.  Brown's words make you feel that you are experiencing all first hand.  A Pussycat's Christmas is a kitty eyed view of the holiday season.  I hope you will share this classic with your little kitties.

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