Friday, November 13, 2009

Even the Goblins Are Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

We're all pulling out our cookbooks and selecting our best and favorite recipes to share with our families at Thanksgiving, and so are Oink, Boink and Moink, the three goblin stars of Tom MacRae's hilarious rhyming picture book, Baby Pie.

"Can you sniff it?"
"Can you whiff it?"
"Lick lips, pat belly, my oh my." 

This is the goblins' chant as they sneak up page by page on poor unsuspecting baby, getting closer and closer--climbing through the window and sneaking into the crib, drooling as they go, dreaming of steaming, delicious, Baby Pie.

"Baby pie! That's horrible!" You're saying. "This book is far too scary for a pre-schooler! How shocking that someone at Little Shop of Stories would recommend this awful book!"

Ah but see here's the kicker (and the part that will result in any previously slightly-worried-looking children giggling their heads off): a two-page spread near the end showing tiny little Oink, Boink and Moink shrinking in utter terror at the sight of the giant baby reaching playfully in their direction. It takes a second, but once kids realize this is a normal-sized baby causing such terror, and that there will in fact only be delicious and healthful vegetable pie consumed at the end, I can bet this will be a picture book your family will want to have second and third helpings of.



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