Friday, November 20, 2009

Little Shop of Stories' Most Awesome Graveyard Book Halloween Party!

How does an independent bookstore get Neil Gaiman to visit? Simple.  Just invite all of your customers -- your really totally cool, wonderfully awesome, fun-loving customers -- to a Graveyard Book Halloween Party!  Here's our video.  Photos are located in a post below.

We are working out the final details concerning Neil's December 14th visit to Decatur.  Information will be posted on this blog.  We're hoping to have it to you sometime on Monday, November 23rd.

Everyone at Little Shop is really, really excited!

In the meantime, here's some information about our video.

The crypt was created in the basement of our really old building. Quite honestly, it was pretty creepy when I was down there setting things up, even with all the lights on.  The Indigo Man was played by Frank, an old friend of the store.  He started out with a lot of his own tattoos, but was supplemented by Breanna, spouse of Matt.  Three glow in the dark skulls sufficed for the Sleer.  They were handled by Raphael, spouse of Marcy.  The voice of the Sleer was recorded by Lance Blair, a professional voice over artist and friend of Little Shop.  Mark, s/o, played the role of Jack.  Man, he was creepy, too.

Live music was provided by the Deadbeats and lead by the extremely talented singer/songwriter Sydney Rhame.  Eleven-years-old and she rocks!

Other things going on: blood punch and other goodies were served, make-up sessions were provided for the undead, people learned their ghoul names, a lesson on how to scream for help in a whole variety of different languages was held, and tombstones were made.

The Danse Macabre was performed at the gazebo on the Square.  An impromptu conga line was formed mid-way through Bobby 'Boris' Pickett's "Monster Mash."  It caught on in a flash.

This was all filmed and edited by another friend of Little Shop.  This is not a skill they taught us in law school; Jeanne must have learned this at night school.

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Michael said...

Some of my friends and I in Chattanooga are already planning to come down for the occasion. ^^ Looks like you had a great party and while we know we can't relive your experiences, we're certainly excited about checking out the store and the event.