Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fellowship of the Tree: A Photo Essay

On Thursday night at 7 pm in front of Little Shop of Stories crowds will gather to see the lighting of the Decatur Christmas tree. Carols will be sung. Hot chocolate will be drank. Cookies and candy canes will be eaten. Good cheer will be spread. A 20 foot tree on the roof of a building is a magical thing to see. People stopped us while we were decorating the tree in front of the shop yesterday to ask us how we were going to get it onto our roof. We told them fairy dust. But here's the real story of how the Decatur Christmas tree made it to the square. In case you're into blood and sweat and tears and all that messy behind the scenes stuff....

Welcome to the Noel Christmas Tree Farm! Address: Behind the Cracker Barrel in Cartersville, Georgia. Seriously. That's the address. After discovering that intown trees cost a small fortune, my husband Thad and Marcy (pictured) and I drove an hour away to cut down our own tree.

Here we are, driving into the magical, mysterious, affordable forrest.

I thought I'd found the perfect tree. But Moses (a worker at the farm) told me it wouldn't work because the trunk had split. So we kept looking.

Thad measured every tree for us. Some were up to forty feet tall. We really wanted to bring one of those home, but thoughts of it crashing off the roof brought me back to a 20-foot reality.

Little Marcy on the Prairie

Thad, winning husband of the year, cutting down our tree for us. We thought they'd have a chain saw instead of just a regular saw. We were wrong. Thanks again, Thad!

This is the tree that Thad cut down....

This is the tree that I cut down. Basically the same thing, right?

Now we just have to drive it to Atlanta...

And leave it at my house for a few days until we can get it to the shop to decorate it!

Outside of Little Shop of Stories me, Marcy, and Mark contemplating the logistics behind getting the tree upright. Cal and Mark had to secure it with ropes from the roof so we could put all the lights and ornaments on it.

Mark is ready to light the tree. And if this whole managing a bookstore thing doesn't work out for me, I'm going to become a lumberjack. Check out my awesome plaid.

Cal rock climbs so the twenty foot ladder didn't bother him all that much...

I am so glad this tree isn't any higher.

This is when we realize why people can charge thousands of dollars to professionally decorate your Christmas tree.

Terra taught us about girl plugs and boy plugs while we made sure all the lights were connected.

Jenny's new earrings

Sorry, no fairy dust. But the guys from King Tree Experts were magical to me. They came and installed our tree (and our 700 lb, 10 foot by 10 foot tree stand) on the roof for free.

Here they are! You guys are the best!

Want to see the finished product? Join us tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7pm in front of Little Shop of Stories. You can forget all the behind the scenes stuff and just enjoy the results of all this work. Thanks a million to everyone who helped make this possible. And a Merry Christmas to all!



Missdaisy398 said...

Beautiful tree and what a journey - thanks for sharing. We are looking forward to tomorrow night and we love Little Shop!

Unknown said...

Great story! beautiful tree. Thank you.