Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eddie & Agnes to Host George Winston

An announcement was made yesterday concerning the first in a series of concerts brought to you by Eddie's Attic and Agnes Scott College and the fertile mind of Daren Wang and Verb.  Musical acts too popular for Eddie's will now have a potential Decatur venue in which to perform.  Gaines Chapel at ASC's Presser Hall is a beautiful facility with great acoustics.  The potential is very exciting.

First to appear will be solo pianist George Winston.  His concert will be held on Tuesday evening, February 23rd at 8 p.m.  Winston's newest CD, to be released next month, is the second volume of his interpretations of the work of Vince Guardali, who is best known as the composer of the music for the Charlie Brown television specials.

This should be a great evening.

Who else would you like to see come to Agnes Scott?  There are some exciting possibilities!

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Unknown said...

George Winston is fantastic! I've seen him in concert several times!
I have a reccomendation fro another piano composer. His name is Allen Deaton. He's not as well know as George but is up and coming. You can listen to his compositions at myspace.com/allendeaton1.