Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey Everybody - It's Matt!!!

Here is Matt's review of Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs, by Giles Andreae. After three months of encouragement to post something on our blog, Matt managed a 30 second review of one of his favorite picture books. Hey, it's a start. Go Matt!

Though technologically challenged at times, I managed to do the following:
1. updated our website (which I do every month - so that's not a biggie);
2. created a Google Calendar, entered our January events, and synched it with the calendar over at Decatur Metro; and
3. unpacked a Flip Video camera I bought months ago, figured out how to use it, convinced Matt to be the guinea pig, filmed the above video, downloaded the appropriate software, uploaded the video onto the computer, put the video up on You Tube (where it is bound to go viral), and posted it on our blog.  The video even looks pretty darn good.  Well, that's due to Matt.

It took some help but, by golly, I did it. Start to finish, all in one day. Now just wait and see what kind of monster has been created!

- Dave

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