Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scieszka Out; Paterson In; Long Live the Queen

Successful Coup: Scieszka Overthrown

Dateline: Barre, Vermont   Katherine Paterson lead a successful revolt, ousting Jon Scieszka, and will assume the throne as the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature.  The puppet Library of Congress is expected to make an official announcement later today.

"I am stepping down in an attempt to avoid bloodshed," shouted Scieszka to his supporters.  Following that pronouncement, the author of Knucklehead ducked into a waiting limo and was whisked away to his waiting LearJet and flown to his waiting secret location.

Ambassador Paterson, author of Newbery Medal books Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob Have I Loved, has promised to spare Scieszka's life.  "Oh, he wasn't that awful," Patterson said of her predecessor.

Long live Ambassador Paterson.

Photo of Katherine Paterson by Paul O. Boisvert for The New York Times.  To read more about Ms. Paterson's appointment, read this article from New York Times.  To read more about Mr. Scieszka's service, read this blog post.

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